Herculean Labors

Herculean Labor Winners


Hercules finds Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazon, very beautiful. He tries to impress her with his coding skills. The competitor that he is he challenges you to come up with an IEEEXtreme slogan to impress her. The slogan must be unique and related to programming/Xtreme. The slogan with the most likes will be the winner for this labor and will be considered for usage on next year’s Xtreme.

Winner is Ioannis Thanos from Greece on team KlappaTeam

Answer: Carpe Codem! (Seize the code!)


Eurystheus is disappointed that Hercules always finds a way to carry out successfully each of the labors and now decided to test his creative skills. Hercules, needs your help in captioning the above image. To help him, comment below with your idea.

Winner is Gagandeep Singh from Dubai on team CodeForHarambe

Answer: Skipping problems all day, every day.


Hercules realizes that we are currently living in the Golden Era of Programming. Although he is pleased to see IEEEXtreme get better by the year, he knows that there is always room for improvement. Hence the first labor is about suggesting ideas that would help Xtreme improve.

Winner is Weslley Santos from Brazil on team uTeam110

Answer: A “coding lounge”, some kind of video or text chat where tired coders could trade ideas and network between some coding sessions, increasing IEEE branch contacts and bringing new ideas to everyone.


Hercules has written a code that solves the previous challenge faster than Hera, queen of the gods. To revenge him, she has cursed him and rendered Hercules’ arms numb. To break the spell Hercules must be shown an image that contains the IEEEXtreme logo. Take a photo of something that would contain the IEEEXtreme logo.

Winner is Athira M C from India on team TeamGeeks

Answer: Battle of codes for 24hrs!!


Hercules is trapped by Hades (the god of the underworld) and needs a 2-keyword pattern that unlocks the gates of the underworld. He needs for you to tweet the word “Xtreme” and at least 2 more keywords (aka reserved words https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reserved_word) of your programming language of preference. Tweet to set Hercules free.

Winner is Thellambure Chanaka from Sri Lanka on team CurlyBrackets

Answer: Xtreme friend mutable!


Recently Peleus and Thetis got married and all IEEEXtreme members and Judges were invited to the event. Eris (goddess of discord) jealous of not being invited made a golden Apple of Discord which she threw among the judges. Hercules now has to decide which judge came up with the best challenge in this Xtreme.

Winner is Boaz Ash from Australia on team AmazingMonash

Answer: What do the dog walkers of the world do?? I have been thinking about this problem since the competition ended and I am yet to figure out how businesses solve this problem for daily operations. The beauty of it is the relevance and simplicity; we are able to intuitively work out most answers but the solution for any number of groups is non trivial. I will defeat this problem but not before thanking the judge who threw down the gauntlet!


You have to help Hercules steal the apples of the Hesper-proctors. Your proctor needs to get his hands on an apple, guess how many code submissions they expect will be submitted during IEEEXtreme 10.0 and carve this number on the apple. You must steal this apple from your proctor and take a photo of it.

Winner is Kavinda Silva from Sri Lanka on team TeamBrainiacs

Answer: 12470


Hydra, is a serpentine water monster with many heads and a regeneration feature whereby for every head chopped off, the Hydra regrows one or multiple heads. Hercules must battle the Hydra with you and your proctor by his side. You must help your proctor solving a challenge from a previous Xtreme competition (available at a href=”https://www.hackerrank.com/contests/ieeextreme-challenges/challenges”>https://www.hackerrank.com/contests/ieeextreme-challenges/challenges).

Winner is Ranadeep Singh from India on team TriBit

Answer: 20