Please note that the intent and spirit of the competition is for the students, not others, to solve a problem. People acting as proctor must limit the level of support and must not contribute in any other form that might be considered original authorship, or in any way that may enable claims of rights or ownership to the submitted entries. In no case will work on behalf of teams or individuals be allowed.


Proctor tasks include:

  • Monitoring the general flow of the activity
  • Informing students when the competition begins, at the middle of it, when there are six hours left, and when there is one hour left
  • Ensuring that no one external to the team members helps or assists the student participants in resolving the problems in any way.
  • A proctor can monitor no more than 15 teams.


As IEEEXtreme is a virtual online competition, a physical location, or venue, must be identified for participants to use during the 24-hour competition.

Venues can be in an IEEE Student Branch office, a college lab, or another location on campus. It must be a place that participants can use for the 24 hours during the competition, it should be equipped with at least one computer, and some type of connection to the internet must be provided.

A proctor must be physically located within the venue at all times throughout the 24-hour competition.

Student Branch activity:

Student Branches, if able, should support and help to the participating teams, helping locate an appropriate venue for use during the competition, promoting the competition, assisting in identifying appropriate proctors, and increasing awareness of the student branch presence on campus.

Students attending universities who do not have an IEEE Student Branch on campus can still participate in the IEEEXtreme competition. This is an opportunity to bring students together to have fun with IEEE activities. Consider using this opportunity as a way to form a Student Branch.