In an effort to make the registration process more efficient and easier for teams to select their proctor, teams will no longer need to enter a proctor’s membership number in order to assign their proctor. Once a team enters their school, the names of eligible proctors who have registered at their university will drop down and be selectable for their team.

Each team must have a proctor to supervise competition activities.

Proctors must be an IEEE Member of higher membership grade. Student or Graduate Student Members are not allowed to proctor, but are encouraged to participate as a team member in the competition.

Proctors can now register to proctor at an educational facility of their choice. Otherwise Proctor information (an IEEE Member Number) will be required during the registration process for teams.

Student Branch Counselors and Mentors and Student Branch Chapter Advisors should be eligible Proctors as they should all be higher grade IEEE members. Many IEEE Young Professionals are also higher grade IEEE members and may be eligible to serve as proctors.

Teams may want to recruit two or more proctors so that proctors can take breaks to rest during the 24-hour competition.

Proctor tasks include:

  • Monitor the general flow of the activity
  • Inform students when the competition begins, at the middle of it, when there are 6 hours left and when there is 1 hour left
  • Ensure that no one external to the team helps or assists the student participants in resolving the problems in any way
  • Ensures teams receive adequate rest, nutrition and exercise

If you need assistance in finding a proctor, please refer to Collabratec to search for higher grade members in your area. Also, you may contact the Student Activities Chair in your section or your region.

Please note: A change to this year’s Proctor Guidelines no longer restricts the number of teams a proctor can proctor. However, we ask that you only accept the number of teams you feel you can successfully manage given the tasks outlined above. A Proctor can support any amount of student teams as long as they can properly support their teams and perform their role while following the IEEE code of ethics. Additionally, all of the competition participants under an individual Proctor’s supervision must compete in the same venue. For more information on venue, see the following section. Teams must be proctored at all times throughout the 24-hour competition.


Although IEEEXtreme is an online competition, a physical location, or venue, must be identified for each team to use during the 24-hour competition.

Venues can be in an IEEE Student Branch office or a college lab or another location on campus. It must be a place that participants can use for the entire 24 hours during the competition. Teams will need some connection to the internet and at least one computer to work on. It is ideal if the venue also has space for team participants to rest.

Each team must have at least one Proctor physically located within the venue at all times throughout the 24-hour competition. Since there is no restriction on the number of teams a proctor can proctor, as long as there is at least one proctor in the venue this would not be a violation of the rules. However, proctors will still be held responsible should multiple teams collaborate on challenges.